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The swift ambition and unwavering determination to soar high, is the Eagle Story

Major Box-office hits

Eagle Films is the home of box office hits, major movie franchises, and award-winning movies. Our blockbuster hits have strengthened our regional position with the power to awaken anticipation and intrigue our audience.

Blockbuster movies from Eagle Films

Eagle Films Production

Our Arabic entertainment division is behind the production of the highest-rated Khaliji, Egyptian, and Pan-Arab TV series, with the strongest Television Rating Point (TRP) on different channels in the MENA region. Our series have repeatedly won Best Ramadan Series Awards, Best Production Awards, and many others. Our multiple in-house production hub locations across the MENA are equipped with a state-of-art latest technology that meets international production standards. Our Production team is built with industry know-how, obtained through constant collaboration across the industry, TV channels partners, and Production and entertainment bodies.

Eagle's Vision

Our vision is to broaden our horizons as a globally recognized motion-picture enterprise and trailblazer in the new digital entertainment space. We have perched the ideal position to become an international distributor and state-of-the-art producer with global visibility.


Eagle's Mission

Building on our market-specific insights, solid partnerships, and dedication to quality, Eagle Films is determined to set new standards in the entertainment industry by providing our regional audience with suitable & specific content.

Eagle Films in 6 Dates


The set says it all

Eagle Films, a Hollywood movies distributor, comes onto the scene. By understanding the tastes of a diverse audience of all ages, we identify the best ways to market the movies we distribute. This is how we get things rolling and keep the action going.


The timing is perfect

Eagle Films evolves into an Arabic Content Executive Producer. Our strong ties throughout the Levant, UAE and the rest of the MENA region enables us to establish solid relationships with leading international names. Local know-how and partnership are key.


The cinematography captivates

Eagle Films launches an in-house and state-of-art Arabic movie production division. We gear up to lead the way in quality Arabic content production in the digital era. Eagle Films soars to offer remarkable entertainment and unique experiences by setting new standards. Our eye is on the future.


The mise en scène is ideal

Eagle Films becomes a Western Content Executive Producer. Eagle Films has strategic partnerships with renowned independent studios, directors, actors, and media firms. This helps us leave an impact on the scene and on the screen.


The script speaks to the audience

Eagle Films expands into end-to-end in-house Arabic series production. We bring you a spectacular variety of market driven content, including great Tier 1 series that win awards and nominations. Choice and quality are the main actors.


The Star performance

Eagle Films starts to play a central role at the Local Arabic Production Corner at Cannes. Our approach involves listening to the preferences and demands of all ages and a diverse viewership. It’s about reach, captivating the audience and sharing entertainment with the world.

Movie Theater Magic on the big screen! At Eagle Films, we don’t only bring you the movies you love, we also create the ideal setting for you to experience it all. Our movie theaters in Lebanon and Jordan merge technology with comfort.

Le Mall Lebanon - CINEMALL

Taj Mall Jordan - Taj Cinemas

In the spotlight

Awards & recognition

Eagle Films Is Synonymous With Award-Winning And Nominated Movies. We Bring A Selection Of Movies With More Than 1,053 Awards Won And 1,989 Nominations By Renowned International Award Bodies Including The Grammy Awards, Toronto International Film Festival And Festival De Cannes. Eagle Films Arabia Has Been Winning The Best Arabic Movie Award Since 2013 And The Best Series, Best Production And Other Awards In Ramadan For Our Exclusive Productions For The Last Five Consecutive Years.




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Golden Globes Nominations

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